DIY Christmas Decorations
Get up, get jolly, get festive with your family this Christmas! We have a range of activities you can do together with your family.

5 minutes • Eleanor • May 19 2023

Christmas Decoration Guide With Reused Packaging 


Tis the season to have some holiday fun! Instead of throwing away your Robinsons containers, let's turn them into cool Christmas decorations. Not only is it a super fun family activity, but it is also a good sustainable practice that helps take care of our planet. So, let's get thirsty for some creative arts and crafts! 

Here's what you'll need: 

  • Robinsons Squash bottles (with caps) 
  • Robinsons Eco Pack 
  • Other packaging materials like small carton boxes. 
  • Acrylic paint 
  • Paintbrushes 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Ribbon 
  • Glitter (if you want extra sparkle) 

Feel free to use other recyclable stuff you have at home – the more, the merrier! 


Christmas Theme Painted Squash Bottles 


Let's turn those squash bottles into festive decorations with some paint and imagination: 

  1. Clean and dry your squash bottle. 
  1. Paint it with a base coat of white acrylic paint and let it dry. 
  1. Create a festive design like a snowman, Santa, or a Christmas tree. 
  1. Once it's dry, add some glitter or ribbon for extra flair. 
  1. You can even put a little electric candle inside for a magical glow. 

Now you’re all finished, place your bottles around your home as decorations and let them bring holiday cheer wherever they are! 



Squash Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament 


Here's how to turn Bottle caps into cute snowman ornaments: 

  1. Take three squash bottle caps and paint the inside of the caps white. 
  1. Once dry, draw a snowman face on one cap and buttons on the other two. 
  1. Glue the caps together in a straight line to make a snowman. 
  1. Add a ribbon loop at the top for hanging. 

These snowmen can have different expressions and accessories, so each one is special! 

Gingerbread House Using Robinsons Eco Pack 


Now, let's make a sweet gingerbread house with our Eco Pack: 

  1. Paint the whole box brown to look like gingerbread. 
  2. Decorate it with painted-on icing and candy designs.
  3. For extra sparkle, sprinkle glitter while the paint is still wet. 

Each gingerbread house can have its own unique designs, making it a perfect activity for kids. 

Reusing squash bottle packaging for Christmas decorations is a fantastic, sustainable, family-friendly way to celebrate the holidays. It helps us cut down on waste, save money, and gets our creative juices flowing! 

Remember to share your awesome creations on social media with #SquashCrafts. Happy crafting! 



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