About Us
Whether you sip them or glug them, savour or skull them, our range of delicious drinks create refreshing real fruit enjoyment for families across the nation.
Real Fruit In Every Drop
Made with no artificial colourings, Robinsons squash is bursting with real, thirst-quenchingly fruity flavours to keep you refreshed. We use real fruit that is squeezed, pressed or crushed in every drop of Robinsons.
No added sugar
In 2015, we made Robinsons fruit squash even tastier by removing any added sugars. Now the only trace you’ll find comes from the real fruit in every drop of Robinsons.
Our Robinsons Bottle are 100% recyclable. Just to be sure to empty, rinse and pop the cap on.
Barley Goodness
The barley in Robinsons is all naturally sourced and goes from the field into our squash. Milled soon after harvest, this traditional ingredient adds a silky-smooth texture to our squash. It’s the perfect partner for our fruits.